Every thought has a vibrational energetic component that impacts our lives regardless if you are aware or believe.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean the force isn’t operating and affecting what manifests in our lives.   The power of Now and Intention embodies that truth.  Our center aligns with this universal law and practices Incurable means the cure is or comes from within.

Our Wellness Center

Roughly defined, wellness is the treatment and prevention of illness without the use of drugs or surgery. This is our primary goal at Body Basics Wellness Center. Through hours of extended education, we have become experts in the wellness field. During the first phase of care it is our goal to get the patient out of their acute or chronic symptomatic state as soon as possible and transfer them into preventive based care. Symptom care begins with addressing the three causes of illness: Traumas, Stress, and Toxins.

Body Basics Wellness Center is a premier servicer of integrative solutions that focus on wellness and health promotion. Our practitioners are highly skilled professionals, and take a holistic approach to treat the whole person- taking into account mental, emotional, spiritual, psych-social and environmental factors, rather than only focusing on the physical symptoms of an illness. With our care, we help individuals and families achieve and maintain optimal health.

At Body Basics Wellness Center, we believe that good health can be improved and achieved by being aware of diet, nutrition, stress management and emotional well-being. Our mission is to provide a peaceful atmosphere supportive to individual growth, personal empowerment, health education, and healing of body, mind and spirit.
Our wellness center in Chicago offers a variety of holistic services. We hope that you have an amazing life-transforming experience with us and that the increase in happiness and health brings you peace and serenity.